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Photo Credit:

  1. embrace by Dan Hetteix from the Noun Project

  2. Mindfulness by Darragh O Connor

  3. Last of the Evening light by Stephen Bowler

  4. Woodinville Lavendar Fields by Terri Stewart

  5. Nudist Beach by Neil Taylor

  6. Candid Portrait of a wonderful Woman by x1klima

  7. Photo of the day (3/365) by Daniel Oldfield (modified)

  8. Bored by Sean MacEntee

  9. ADHD by Practical Cures

  10. Broken and Used; Dazed and Confused by Greg Khng

  11. The Face of Alzheimers by Bev Sykes

  12. Grandpa by yomo 13

  13. smile by wewiorka_wagner

  14. Education icon from (modified)

  15. friendship by Joao Santos from the Noun Project

Under licence of Creative Commons

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